Pure Food Cookbook

Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes

I have always been passionate about feeding my family the best foods, but as a busy working mom with three kids, cooking can be overwhelming. I know that fast food and frozen options are not the solution. I wrote Pure Food to inspire people to get back in the kitchen. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. It can be simple, therapeutic and rewarding too!

The 120 plant-based recipes in Pure Food are modern, healthier versions of my Midwestern favorites passed down from my grandma and mom. I talk about how to cook with alternatives to processed sugars, dairy and flours, and I’ve created recipes that use unique and interesting ingredients like amaranth, coconut flour, tapioca, and turmeric. I’ve included some of my personal tips for cleaning your kitchen and lifestyle – from drying your own herbs to eliminating chemical cleaners.

I’m so excited that the dream of creating my own cookbook has become a reality and I can’t wait to share my journey with you and your family.

– Veronica

"Pure Food overwhelmingly reflects Veronica Bosgraaf’s talent for taking clean, seasonal ingredients and transforming them into deceptively simple, delicious recipes. This inspiring cookbook makes a healthier lifestyle totally doable . . . and utterly craveable!"

— Julie Morris, bestselling author and superfood chef